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How a Car Dash Camera Can Help With Your Vehicle Accident Case

Since 2017 the sales for car dash cameras have been on the rise, with thousands of people investing in this device. One of the primary reasons people are turning towards this innovative tech device is because it can help with vehicle accident cases. Essentially, car dash cameras play an integral role in proving guilt or innocence in an auto accident. 

When you have suffered injuries in a vehicle accident, and you had a car dash camera installed, it’s vital you consider taking the evidence to a Chicago car accident attorney. At The Horwitz Law Group, we have experience assessing car dash camera evidence. That’s why we can help you if you choose to initiate a case. 

Continue reading to learn more about how a car dash camera can help you with your vehicle accident case. 

What Is A Car Dash Camera?

Essentially a car dash camera is a small camera that is attached to the inside of your windshield with a suction cup. This camera records audio and video footage, and there are single, dual, and four-channel versions. 

A single channel car dash cam is a forward-facing recorder that captures footage directly from the front of your vehicle. In contrast, a dual-channel dashcam is a two-piece device that captures footage from the front and back of your vehicle. 

Additionally, a four-channel car dashcam captures footage from all four directions surrounding your vehicle. Yet, it’s important to note that four-channel car dash cams are rare for passenger vehicles and are most often found in commercial trucks. 

Depending on the type of car dashcam you have, it will only capture a limited amount of footage which usually equates to a few hours. If you have a high-end car dash cam, you can upload your footage via an app to cloud storage. This is an excellent option as it allows you to retain evidence for your vehicle accident case. 

The Ways A Car Dash Camera Can Help With Your Vehicle Accident Case

Below, we share two main ways a car dashcam can help with your vehicle accident case. 

  • It Can Provide Key Evidence To Support Your Claims

Your car dashcam will capture what happened during your vehicle accident. By having this footage captured, you will have evidence that can show who or what was at fault for the accident. Additionally, this evidence could also verify what witnesses have said about what was the cause of your vehicle accident. 

Have a look below to learn what evidence your dashcam could capture to assist with your case. 

  • It can capture drivers who don’t adhere to a stoplight or stop sign. 
  • It can show if a driver has cut in front of traffic. 
  • It can capture drivers who fail to yield when you have had the right of way. 

Essentially, having a dash camera in your vehicle can prove that the other driver involved in your accident broke traffic regulations. In addition to this, a car dash camera can be incredibly beneficial in hit-and-run accidents as it can shed light on who the at-fault party could be. 

  • It Can Prevent Insurance Fraud

Did you know that a car dashcam can help prevent insurance fraud? There are many drivers who choose to commit insurance fraud by purposely causing a car accident. They will get into an accident so that they can extort money from other drivers. Often these drivers will look for people driving high-end vehicles to maximize their possibility of gaining insurance money. 

If you have a car dash camera in your car, you can determine if the other driver who caused your accident was doing so to commit insurance fraud against you. 

Get In Touch With A Chicago Auto Accident Attorney To Discuss How Your Car Dash Camera Footage Can Be Used In Your Case

As you are now aware, having a car dash camera in your vehicle can tremendously help your vehicle accident claim. With the footage from your dash camera, you can prove your innocence and prove who or what caused the accident. 

If you have been injured in an accident and have dashcam footage, you should consider speaking with a Chicago auto accident attorney. An auto accident attorney will know how best to use your footage to your advantage. 

To begin your legal journey, contact us to speak with one of the attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group. We can analyze your footage and help you get compensation for your injuries.



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