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Hazardous Road Conditions and Auto Accidents

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Hazardous Road Conditions and Auto Accidents

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Auto accidents occur every day for many reasons. Many accidents in Chicago are the result of hazardous roadways, especially during the harsh winter months.  Hazardous roadways cause about 20 percent of all auto accidents. Hazardous roadways can be caused by many factors.  For example, there could be design defects such as inadequate guardrails or lighting.  It can also be a result of traffic signals that are not in plain view, potholes, and road construction.  Bad weather can pose a safety risk as well, making already poorly designed roads more dangerous because the surface may be slick. 

America has over 100 million licensed drivers, the quality of the roads is important to maintain.  Illinois’ Department of Transportation Maintenance Division is responsible for the road conditions and has standards that must be met. Injuries caused by hazardous road conditions range from broken limbs to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or death.  In situations where a hazardous roadway has caused injury or death, lawsuits can be filed against the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roadway. Even if there are no other motorists involved a lawsuit can still be filed. It is important to contact an experienced attorney in order to recover for any injuries suffered and other compensation.

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