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Fire Injuries In The Workplace

Accidents are happening in the workplace more than ever before. Many are fire-related accidents that could have been easily avoided. If an employer were to implement standard fire safety procedures, injuries from such accidents related to fire would be reduced substantially. Most employers that take pride in a comprehensive fire safety program will see improved productivity and employee performance over the long term. Below is information to help you stay safe from any personal injury accidents caused by a fire in the workplace.

Employee Fire Drills on Escape Routes

One of the most effective ways of ensuring safety in the workplace is to always have a comprehensive fire plan in place. Your employer should be sure all employees are fully instructed and understand the rules of fire safety. Fire drills should be done on a set schedule so that all employees know where all of the escape routes are and the general fire safety procedures. Your employer can reduce any chances of injury or loss of life-related to workplace fires by implementing such a program.

Dangerous Power Strips in the Workplace

Power strips are notorious for causing fires. We see strips that have too many computers, phone chargers, appliances or other items plugged into them and become overloaded resulting in a fire. If you see power strips, simply contact your employer and ask them to remove them for your safety and the safety of your co-workers.

Flammable Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals can be very dangerous and toxic. Some actually emit dangerous vapors that are flammable. If your building had faulty wiring, just one spark could ignite flammable vapors causing a mixture of flames and toxic vapors. Make sure your employer has fire extinguishers throughout the office. You and your co-workers should be trained to use fire extinguishers correctly in case of any fire for your safety and the safety of others.

If you have been injured in your workplace because of fire or toxic vapors, you will need a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer.

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