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Driving Safely Around 18-Wheelers: 5 Essential Tips 

Sharing the road with commercial trucks can be intimidating and unpredictable. You can easily find yourself in a tricky situation if you don’t know what to do when you come across an 18-wheeler on the road. These big rigs are powerful, and they require extra caution when you’re driving around them. To help ease your worries, here are five essential tips for driving safely when sharing the road with commercial trucks. 

Multiple Big Blind Spots

Commercial trucks have multiple blind spots, which means that truck drivers may not be able to see you in their mirrors. Make sure to stay out of these blind spots as much as possible so that the driver is aware of your presence while on the road. The blind spots are located on both sides of the truck and in the back directly behind it. 

Very Wide Turns

Because of their size, commercial trucks take wider turns than cars or other smaller vehicles. Be aware that it takes more space for them to turn, so don’t try to squeeze past them during a turn. It is also important to remember that because of their length, these large vehicles may need two lanes to make a turn, so stay back until they finish turning onto their destination lane. 

Leave Space in Front and Behind

When following a commercial truck, maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and theirs. If you tailgate too closely, you risk rear-ending them should they suddenly stop or slow down unexpectedly. Keep at least four seconds of space between your car and the truck ahead of you so that if something does happen, you have enough time to react accordingly without crashing into them. Also, be aware that since these trucks are so big, they will naturally block any view of what lies ahead. Always leave plenty of room between your car and theirs so that they have time and space to brake appropriately should an unexpected obstacle appear ahead on the roadway. 

Cautious Passing

If a truck is going slower than what you consider a safe speed for the current conditions, pay attention before attempting to pass it. Make sure there is no oncoming traffic before passing it, as well as enough room between cars for safety purposes. Additionally, check if there are any curves up ahead before passing, as this could affect visibility while maneuvering around them on the roadways.  

Don’t Be Distracted

When sharing the road with commercial trucks, such as an 18-wheeler, it is important to eliminate any distractions. Distracted driving can cause serious accidents that could even affect commercial drivers. Following this one simple tip can make all the difference. Make sure you have your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times to be able to react quickly if a commercial truck should need to stop or make an unexpected turn. Not only will this ensure your safety while driving, but it will also help commercial drivers avoid any potential risks or 18-wheeler accidents

No matter how experienced or skilled a driver may be behind the wheel, sharing roads with commercial trucks requires extra caution since these vehicles are bigger and heavier than regular cars or SUVs. This means rules for safety become even more important for all drivers who plan to travel alongside one another on highways or city streets alike. By following these five tips every time you drive near an 18-wheeler, you will minimize potential risks and help ensure everyone stays safe while traveling together!



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