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Do I need a lawyer when making a claim against my own insurance company?

Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys > Auto Accidents  > Do I need a lawyer when making a claim against my own insurance company?

Do I need a lawyer when making a claim against my own insurance company?

If you need to make a claim against your own insurance company, it would be in your best interest to retain legal counsel. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying out the fair amount to their customers. Some instances in which you may need to file a claim with your own insurance company include:

  • When a claim has been denied
  • An appeal was turned down
  • Recovering damages when the responsible party did not have enough insurance
  • Recovering damages when the responsible party did not have any insurance

Going up against an insurance company can be intimidating, but having an experienced attorney on your side can make the process go more smoothly. Additionally, using your lawyer as an intermediary between you and your insurance company will let the insurance company know that you are serious about getting the compensation you deserve.

What to do when a claim is denied

First of all, you need to get, in writing, the reason from your insurance company why your claim was denied, as well as detailed reasons why they are refusing to pay. Having this documentation will be necessary if you need to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. Your attorney can do this work for you, which is particularly beneficial if you’ve been injured and need to take care of yourself more than you need to deal with your insurance company.

Once you have all of your documentation, you need to file for an immediate appeal. Your attorney can handle the paperwork for you and make sure everything is filed properly and on time. It is important to make sure that your insurance policy covers the damages you are trying to get compensation for. Your attorney can help you go over your policy to ensure that you are in compliance with your policy’s requirements.

What if my appeal is turned down?

If you believe that your damage is covered by your insurance policy, then you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on your legal options at this point and make sure you can file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations. Sometime, even a phone call to the insurance company from a lawyer in enough to get them to pay!

What happens if I am in an accident with someone who has no insurance or not enough insurance to cover my damages?

In this case, you can make a claim on the uninsured/underinsured motorist provision on your own car insurance policy. This process should go smoothly enough, however, if your insurance company is refusing to pay or gives you a hard time for any other reason, you should speak with an attorney. Just as with denied claims or appeals, a simple phone call from an attorney can be enough to get an insurance company to pay.

For more information regarding your rights when going up against an insurance company, contact an experienced Chicago Car Accident Attorney from The Horowitz Law Group – 312-641-9200.

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