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Construction Worker Injuries – Who’s Responsible?

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Construction Worker Injuries – Who’s Responsible?

Accidents happen out of the blue every day.  At home, our offices, even just walking down the street.  We can be as careful as possible in everything we do, but we cannot predict defective products or the carelessness of others. 

The only control we have is to pay attention to our surroundings and take logical precautions to keep ourselves and family, co-workers or friends safe.

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous jobs in America.   Just look at the statistics.  Thousands of workers are injured or killed every year. 

Company Responsibilities

For the most part, safety engineers and programs are designed to prevent and avoid injury and accidents. And the company is legally responsible to ensure there is a safe work environment. But it takes people using them to be effective. 

When accidents occur, it’s likely someone was negligent or improperly trained.

Contractors and the subcontractors are all required to provide appropriate safety provisions to ensure the job site is safe.

Types of responsibilities include:

  • Warnings of possible hazards on the job site
  • Hiring employees who exercise caution on the job
  • Conduct and coordinate job safety
  • Enforce all safety specifications and rules

There are many others, but if these main ones are not in place, your job site is just an accident waiting to happen.

Legal Rights When Getting Injured On The Job

The law is very complex.  Even though it is here to serve and protect our rights, it can become an extremely difficult path to navigate when it comes to an injuries sustained on the job… 

For instance, there may be a situation where employees cannot sue their employer for job related accidents.  However, a third party could be liable for negligence if an injury did occur at the construction site. 

A construction accident attorney knows how it feels to be the victim of a construction accident.  A competent one helps you get through the legal problems you are going to face while recovering. 

So don’t just go with some guy you pick out of the Yellow pages. 

At The Horwitz Law Group, our Chicago construction accident lawyers represent carpenters, plumbers, contractors, electricians, road/street-pavers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, and drivers who have been seriously injured at construction sites.

Construction workers work hard and should be compensated if they are injured doing their job. If you have suffered a construction related accident, don’t wait to get help!

Call The Horwitz Law Group at 312-641-9200 for a free initial consultation with a Chicago workplace injury lawyer right away.

Remember,  if we don’t win your case, our services are absolutely free!!

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