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Common Reasons for Distracted Driving Accidents

Many of us utilize our vehicles every day, whether for work or other activities, and the majority of us have known someone or have ourselves been in a car accident. However, did you know that one of the most common reasons for crashes is distracted drivers? Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of vehicle-related injuries and deaths. In fact, according to estimates, nearly 25 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are a direct result of distracted driving. 

If distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents, what makes so many drivers so distracted? Accidents involving distracted drivers can be devastating, and as such, it’s vital to know the common causes of distracted driving accidents so that we can learn what not to do. Should you find yourself involved in an accident due to distracted driving, it would be best to contact a Chicago accident attorney at the Horwitz Law Group to resolve your legal case. 

What is Considered to be Distracted Driving?

Before we can look at the reasons for distracted driving, we need to learn what constitutes distracted driving. Remember that any form of multitasking while driving could lead to an accident as, often when you are multitasking, you are distracted from driving. 

To best understand this, we need to look at the three primary areas of distraction:

  • Visual: When you take your sight off the road.
  • Cognitive: When you pay attention to any activity that isn’t associated directly with driving. 
  • Manual: Taking your hands off the wheel. 

Daydreaming or Being Lost In Thought

One common cause of distracted driving accidents occurs when the driver either daydreams or is lost in thought. When driving, it’s easy to become lost in thought or for your attention to wander, and these thoughts take your attention away from the road. If you’re daydreaming, your reaction times will be slower, and this could lead to an accident. Drivers should keep their attention strictly focused on the road and the task at hand to avoid this.

Cell Phone Usage

Next on the list for common causes for distracted driving accidents, and accounting for roughly 14 percent of them is cell phone usage. Over recent years, many states have passed laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Despite this, many people still choose to utilize their cellular devices while driving, resulting in many distracted driving accidents the world over. The average time a person looks at their phone while driving is roughly five seconds, which is more than enough time for an accident to occur. 

Taking In the Environment Outside the Vehicle

Around seven percent of distracted driving accidents happen when drivers take in their outside environment dangerously. Usually, this involves simple activities like turning to stare at an accident or focusing on a person or object outside the vehicle. Looking away from the road is unsafe, and allowing yourself to become distracted by what’s happening outside the car can lead to dire consequences. 

Contact a Chicago Auto Accident Attorney Today To Discuss Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim

These common reasons for distracted driving accidents often adversely affect many lives. It’s essential to understand the common causes so that you can avoid committing them. If you have been in a car accident due to a distracted driving incident, it would be best to contact an auto accident attorney in Chicago today to help you with the process.  To make an appointment regarding your claim with The Horwitz Law Group, please contact us directly to discuss your options.



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