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Workplace Injury Lawyer in Chicago

When injured on the job, people can face significant financial losses. Often, workplace injuries prevent someone from returning back to work, making it difficult to keep up with all the bills piling up from the medical services provided to treat their workplace injury.  

The Horwitz Law Group understands the stress that employees injured while at work can face. Furthermore, it is not always certain whether the financial assistance an injured employee needs to support them and their family following a workplace injury will be forthcoming from their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. That is why Chicago-based employees injured on the job site need to contact The Horwitz Law Group whenever they find themselves needing legal representation for their worker’s compensation claim.

When You Do & Don’t Need a Chicago Workplace Injury Lawyer

While legal representation is frequently necessary to ensure a person injured on the job obtains the full compensation they are entitled to, it is not always the case. If your injuries are obviously work-related, extensive and expensive medical treatment is not necessary, and no permanent disability results from the injury, it is very likely that you will have little problem with the insurance company handling your employer’s worker’s compensation policy approving your claim. Still, in these cases, it can be wise to consult with a lawyer about your benefits. 

Workers’ compensation claims are often more complicated. For example, if the insurance company chooses to deny your worker’s compensation claim, you will need to traverse the complicated route of appealing this decision. Doing so is a complex matter and requires handling a lot of legal and administrative paperwork and requires the gathering and presentation of convincing evidence at a hearing. Such a scenario is difficult for someone to handle. However, an experienced workplace injury attorney will know exactly how to successfully pursue your appeal.  

Another scenario where you would benefit substantially from competent legal representation is when your workplace injury leads to a partial or total permanent disability. A partial permanent disability is when an injury creates a permanent disability that is not substantial enough to prevent them from returning to work. However, it is significant enough to limit an injured employee’s capacity to work at the same level they did prior to the injury. A total permanent disability is one where the employee cannot return to work whatsoever. 

In both cases, the insurance company handling the worker’s compensation claim will try to be stingy. They will find excuses to deny the full compensation a partially or totally disabled employee is entitled to by law, or they may make the process of obtaining such compensation unreasonably difficult. Under these circumstances, a skilled workplace injury lawyer should be sought out by the disabled employee. A workplace injury attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurance companies and how to navigate around these tactics employed to delay or deny providing the disabled employee the compensation they are legally entitled to.

Speak with a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Chicago

At The Horwitz Law Group, we have substantial experience handling workplace accident claims and navigating the complex process of obtaining worker’s compensation. We have helped many Chicago-area employees who were injured on the job get the full compensation they are entitled to. If you’ve been injured on the job, reach out to us by visiting our website to schedule a consultation today!

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