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Under Illinois personal injury laws, you can seek compensation for any damages or losses that you or your loved one has suffered that resulted from another party’s intentional or negligent actions. With the right personal injury attorney on your side, you can begin to get your life back on track, even after a catastrophic accident. 

The Horwitz Law Group has extensive experience handling various kinds of personal injury cases. Because most insurance providers work with teams of attorneys, it could be difficult for accident victims to go up against an insurance company on their own. As one of the most successful personal injury law firms in Chicago, we are used to battling with insurance companies that refuse to pay for victims’ medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages, among others. 

Understanding Personal Injury Claims in Illinois

When accidents occur, they can have minor to life-changing consequences for the victims’ financial, physical, and mental wellbeing. Personal injury claims can play a crucial role in the victim’s ability to recover by helping them obtain the compensation they deserve for the damages they sustained through their injuries. At Horwitz Law Group, our personal injury lawyers can guide you through what could be a complicated and long road towards proper financial, emotional, and physical recovery. 

But first, we need to figure out whether a claim for personal injury is best for your specific situation, and you’ll need to understand the two fundamental elements of personal injury claims – liability and damages

  • Liability – A personal injury claim is initiated when an injury or accident victim files a complaint against an individual, corporation, business, or government entity whose inaction or reckless actions allegedly caused harm to the victim. However, the victim will have to prove that the defendant was at fault since the injury itself doesn’t automatically prove legal liability. For the personal injury claim to succeed, the victim will need to establish the defendant’s legal liability to receive rightful compensation for the damages and injuries. Once legal liability has been clearly established, the victim can recover from the defendant’s insurance provider proper compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, emotional trauma, and/or pain and suffering. 
  • Damages – The victim should demonstrate the extent and specific nature of the losses and injuries. Common damages in personal injury claims include medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and lost wages. 

What Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do For You

The Horwitz Law Group can offer dedication, years of experience, and compassionate guidance to victims who have been wronged due to:

We will investigate all the facts of your personal injury claim, negotiate with insurance providers, and, if necessary, battle it out with the defendant in court. Because we are passionate about securing the best possible results for all our clients, Horwitz Law Group offers legal services on a “No Win, No Fee Guarantee,” which means that we only get paid when we win your case. 

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Case Results


for a motor vehicle wrongful death case.


for a 75-year-old woman who suffered an above the knee amputation due to being run over by a private school bus.


for a young lady who was run over by a private waste hauling company while crossing the street.


for a trucking accident resulting in the death of the driver.


for a 70 year old man who died, without any living relatives, seven months after being hit by a car while crossing the street.


for a client whose family was killed by a street sweeper that ran a red light.


for a client injured in a 2005 Metra train derailment case.


for a minor rear-ended on an expressway in Kankakee.


for a premises liability accident resulting in below the knee amputation.


for a woman who was hit by a car while crossing the street.


for a client who was injured on the CTA red line train.


for a bicyclist hit by a car.


for a passenger injured in a rideshare rollover accident.


for a rideshare accident injury.


for a low-speed rear-end accident.


for injuries in a van accident pulling a trailer.


for a minor injured in a ride-share accident.


for a pedestrian injured due to a sidewalk defect.


for a passenger injured in a rideshare rollover accident.


for a driver injured in an auto accident.


for injuries from a right-turning truck.


for a family injured in an auto accident.


for a law enforcement officer rear-ended by a truck.


for a motorcyclist rear-ended.


for an individual injured by a dog.


for a bicyclist hit by a car while crossing the street.


for a driver rear-ended on the expressway.


for a client who had lawyers at another law firm trying to settle the accident case for only $60,000.

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