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An auto accident can be a life-changing event that results in serious, long-term injuries. Between dealing with the insurance claims adjusters, medical treatment, and any other inconveniences due to the accident, the entire experience can quickly start to feel overwhelming. For this reason, it is beneficial to speak with an experienced Chicago auto accident attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options. 

Determining Who is at Fault for the Accident

One of the first questions that will typically come up after a car accident is the question of who is at fault for causing the accident. This information is used by the insurance companies in order to determine liability and move forward with the claims process. Typically, fault is determined by reviewing which party acted with negligence and failed to follow the amount of caution required for the circumstances. 

Often, insurance companies will review the official accident report filed by the police to determine who was at fault. Your attorney can also provide supporting documentation and testimonial to help prove fault in the event of a car accident. For this reason, it is advisable to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as you are able. 

Common Types of Car Accidents

There are many different types of accidents that occur every day. Some of the most common kinds of car accidents include: 

  • Head-on collisionOne of the most potentially dangerous accidents, a head-on collision can cause serious injuries and fatalities. This type of accident is especially dangerous at night when visibility is more limited. 
  • Rear-end accidentAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a  rear-end accident is one of the most common accidents that occur on the roads. These accidents often occur when a driver fails to notice that there is a car stopped in front of them. This could happen at a stop sign, traffic light, pedestrian crosswalk, or any number of different scenarios. Rear-end accidents also frequently are a result of a driver tailgating or driving too close to another car. 
  • Multi-car accidentA multi-car pileup can result in serious injuries to everyone involved. These accidents often occur when there is dangerous weather, such as snow or ice on the road, which can make stopping and reacting quickly even more difficult.
  • Side-impact accidents – These typically occur when one vehicle is merging or changing lanes and fails to check their blind spots and does not notice that there is another car in close proximity to them. 

Contact a Skilled Chicago Auto Accident Attorney Today

If you have been injured in an auto accident and have reason to believe that there is another party at fault for the injuries that you suffered, it is advisable to speak with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. At The Horwitz Law Group, our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping clients recover damages in the event of an accident. To learn more about our services, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Case Results


for a young lady who was run over by a private waste hauling company while crossing the street.


for a client injured in a 2005 Metra train derailment case.


for a client whose family was killed by a street sweeper that ran a red light.


for a premises liability accident resulting in below the knee amputation.


for a woman who was hit by a car while crossing the street.


for a client who was injured on the CTA red line train.


for a client who had lawyers at another law firm trying to settle the accident case for only $60,000.


for a client who was crushed between two cars nearly severing off her leg.


for a client whose son was accidentally run over by her husband as he backed out of their driveway.

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