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Swimming Pool Accident

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Chicago Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

Each summer, swimming pools in Chicago open for business welcoming kids and families looking to enjoy the warm weather. Swimming is a favorite summer pastime for many people; however, without proper safety precautions pools can be very dangerous places too. Drowning and other swimming pool accidents occur all too frequently, claiming many children as victims. The thing about these accidents is that most of them are easily preventable if the proper precautions are taken. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a serious injury or even death before these safety measures are taken seriously.

Swimming pool accidents often fall under the legal boundaries of premise liability. Public pools, water parks, and hotel pools are all required to post warning signs or provide lifeguards on their premises. Information must be posted regarding water depth and expected behavior of guest using the swimming pool. Also, basic safety equipment and lifesaving devices should be readily available in case of an emergency. As for homeowners who have a swimming pool on their property, they are also required to secure their property and at least provide a fence or some kind of warning to prevent curious children from wandering into danger.

Drowning can happen in just a few minutes. These accidents don’t always result in death; serious injury including brain or spinal damage is also common in swimming accidents. Common causes of accidents occurring at swimming pools include:

  • Slippery pool decks
  • Safety and lifesaving devices not available
  • Pool depth not clearly labeled
  • Poorly trained lifeguard staff
  • Inadequate fencing or barriers
  • Warning signs not posted in a visible location
  • Dangerous waterslides or height requirements not enforced

Chicago Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys with Experience that Matters

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or even killed in a swimming pool accident, call The Horwitz Law Group to discuss your case. We understand that no amount of money could ever compensate for your pain and suffering if you have lost a loved one. However, we believe that you should not have to suffer financially as well as emotionally due to you swimming pool accident injury. When we meet to discuss your case, our Chicago personal injury attorneys will review every detail of your case to determine if seeking personal injury damages is the proper course of action.

If we believe that you have a case under Illinois personal injury law our experienced law professionals will investigate your case. We will gather evidence, visit the site of the accident and document important facts to present in court. The sooner you call our Chicago swimming pool accident lawyers to better your chances are of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule your free consultation, 312-641-9200.