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Chicago Rear-End Collision Car Accident Lawyers

The National Safety Council found rear end collisions are the most common type of automobile accidents.  Rear end collisions usually result in whiplash because the driver and/or passengers often experience back and neck injuries.  The extent of the injuries may not be realized until a while later due to the adrenaline masking the pain.  Whiplash can cause pain for up to 3 months and can lead to chronic pain.  Some symptoms associated with whiplash are ringing in the ears, headaches, and pain in the lower back or neck.  Other injuries may occur such as broken bones due to the seat belt or airbag or brain injuries caused by the sudden jerk of the car. The Spinal Research Institute of San Diego found the leading cause of neck and cervical spine injuries are caused by whiplash.

Injuries can occur even if the collision is not at a high speed.  Low impact collisions between the speed of 1-25 mph cause difficult to treat neck injuries.  It’s estimated that on average, 25 percent of all rear end collisions result in whiplash.  The treatment for whiplash varies depending on the severity of the injury and the person’s condition.  The prognosis is affected by factors such as whether a seat belt was worn, if the driver’s or passenger’s head was turned, and the size of the cars.  Treatment can range from prescription medicine to a full neurological evaluation.  It is imperative to hire an experienced attorney that can hold the right party responsible and get the most compensation for your injuries.

After serving the Chicagoland area for nearly two decades, we understand the rights of injury victims. We know what benefits are provided under the law, and we know what it takes to obtain fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered. You can count on us to pursue every available option in an effort to get the justice you deserve.

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