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Chicago Railroad Crossing Attorney

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Chicago Railroad Crossing Attorney


Railroad crossing accidents are more prevalent than many people believe.  The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis found that more than 3,000 collisions between automobiles and trains occur in the United States.  Accidents also occur between pedestrians and trains.  Four crossings in Chicago are at the top of the list where multiple accidents have occurred.  The federal government has ordered 10 states to improve the safety at railroad crossings and Illinois is among those 10. Train accidents can result in serious injuries as well as death.  These accidents are often due to negligence of the employees or train companies.  Railroad companies are responsible for using reasonable care to avoid injuries to anyone that may cross the train tracks.  In cases where a train hits an automobile at a railroad crossing, it is likely the company did not provide adequate protection.  The crossing gate or train light may not have worked, trees might have blocked the driver’s view, or the train may have been going too fast. There are approximately 42,000 crossing gates and of those about 22,000 have flashing lights. Railroads must meet both state and federal regulations.  It is important to hire an experienced lawyer than can explore all the possible causes of the accident and recover the maximum compensation.

Many railroad crossing accidents occur at night at crossings without lights. The railroads erect a black-and-white crossbuck railroad crossing sign and expect it to protect drivers from a multi-ton train that cannot stop in time to avoid an accident. We believe that is inadequate protection for drivers and an inadequate defense in court.

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