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Chicago Office Worker Injury Attorney

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Chicago Office Worker Injury Attorney

When considering occupations that can be dangerous to your health and well-being, a few high-risk jobs might come to mind; for example, construction workers, factory employees, and operators of heavy machinery. These are jobs that require good physical and can be dangerous at times if safety guidelines are not followed. When thinking of workers’ compensation and workplace injuries, most people will not think of office workers. Office environments are typically low risk and require very little physical activity. What most people don’t realize is that inactivity can also be dangerous to your health.

Office jobs typically require sitting at a desk and working on a computer for about eight hours a day. While this activity presents a low risk for accidents, the possibility of injury still exists. Overtime injuries might develop after years of working in an office. Back injuries, eye strain or loss of vision, and carpel tunnel or other wrist injuries might develop overtime. These are injuries that are acquired directly due to the responsibilities of your job. Office injuries will also affect you ability to work.

If you are an office worker and find yourself unable to work due to injuries sustained while on-the-job, call the Chicago Office Worker Injury Attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group for more information on your options. Your employer and their insurance company should be responsible for you recovery and rehabilitation if you injuries were directly caused by your job responsibilities.

Our Workers Compensation Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois have been fighting for the rights of workers for years. We believe that the financial stability of you and your family should not be put in danger because of job-related injuries that are keeping you from doing your job. Our Chicago injury attorneys will talk with your doctors and gather necessary evidence to present to your employer’s insurance company. We will work with you until a satisfactory resolution has been reached.

Call today for your free consultation with one of our Chicago Office Workers Injury Attorneys at the Horwitz Law Group, 312-641-9200.