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Hit and Run

Chicago Hit and Run Attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group

Hit and run is defined as an accident in which the driver of a motor vehicle abandons the scene of an accident, usually to avoid responsibility. No matter how minor the accident might be, Illinois drivers are required by law to stay at the scene of an accident until authorities have arrived and documented the incident. However, despite steep fines and criminal legal consequences hit and run is still a very common crime in the City of Chicago.

Hit and run accidents can involve another vehicle, parked or in motion, a person or personal property. If a driver causes damage to property or physical harm to a person, they must take responsibility for their actions. The Chicago Hit and Run attorneys at the Horwitz Law Group represent victims who have been injured in hit and run accidents as pedestrians, cyclists, drivers or passengers in vehicles.

How a Chicago Injury Attorney can help you Collect for you Injuries

As a victim of a hit and run accident you may think there is no way for you to collect compensation for you injuries. However, after speaking with a Chicago hit and run attorney you will discover that you have options, and your medical expenses could be covered. Even if the driver who caused the accident has not been identified, the Hit and Run injury lawyers at The Horwitz Law Group can help you understand your options as a victim of hit and run and provide you with the legal support you need during this difficult time.

Drivers will flee the scene of an accident for a variety of reasons; some may be driving without insurance or a valid driver’s license, maybe there is a warrant out for their arrest, or they simply may not want to take responsibility for their actions. Whatever their reasons are for abandoning their responsibilities as a motorist, you should not have to suffer because of their irresponsible and criminal actions.  Our personal injury attorneys can seek recovery for you in a variety of ways.

A possible alternative, if the driver has not been identified, is to file an uninsured motorist claim on your auto insurance policy. This would require your auto insurance company to cover the costs of your injuries due to the accident along with damages to your property. Auto insurance companies understand that if the driver is not identified they will need to compensate you for your injuries; they are hesitant to pay claims for uninsured motorists and will likely assist you in identifying the driver who caused the accident.

If you have been physically injured in a hit and run accident, seek the assistance of a hit and run injury lawyer in Chicago, IL. Our Chicago injury attorneys will discuss your options with you and answer any questions you might have. We are a personal injury law firm who will fight for your best interests and in hit and run cases. As a victim there is no reason you should suffer financially because of injuries caused by an irresponsible motorist.

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