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Factory and Warehouse Workers

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Chicago Factory Workers Compensation Attorneys

Factory and warehouse jobs provide a living for many workers in America’s manufacturing industry. These jobs are vital to commerce in our country and our free enterprise economic system. Everyone in our country earns a living in different ways, but one thing is expected of all places of employment, and that’s safety. Every worker in the United States has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. Although factories and warehouses are place of work with a greater risk for injury, these workers still need to be cared for and compensated by their companies if they are injured.

If you have suffered a debilitating injury while working in a factory, call the Chicago Factory Workers Compensation Attorneys at The Horwitz Law Group to discuss you options when filing for workers compensation benefits. Factory workers are expected to perform frequent heavy lifting and manual labor when they are at work. These activities can be stressful on a person’s body for even the healthiest individuals. Workers compensation laws exist to protect those who are injured while at work. It is a no fault body of law that supports the belief that a person should not suffer financial hardships because of injuries obtained while performing their job tasks.

Back injuries, knee injuries, broken bones and lacerations, burns and joint injuries are all common traumas in workers compensation cases. In some cases these injuries are attained overtime, due to repetitive motion and continuous stress on one area of the body. On the other hand, injuries could be caused in an instant due to a traumatic accident. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injury, one fact is true and that is the protection you are eligible to receive under workers compensation laws. Companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to provide for employees who are injured while at work. However, these insurance companies will do everything possible to avoid paying you the full amount you are owed. Before you are interviewed by an insurance company, speak with a Chicago Workers Comp Lawyer at The Horwitz Law Group to insure you are fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Don’t put your family’s financial security at risk; seek the guidance of a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible following your injury. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in helping those who have suffered life-changing injuries get the compensation they deserve. We will help your file all necessary paperwork, gather evidence to support your case, evaluate financial losses and estimate how much your case could be worth. We make sure our clients are prepared to demand their rightful compensation from workers compensation insurance companies and their employer. Call today to schedule your free consultation with our Chicago Factory Workers Compensation Attorneys, 312-641-9200.