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Chicago Auto Accident Attorney – The Horwitz Law Group

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Chicago Auto Accident Attorney – The Horwitz Law Group

chicago auto accident attorney

The American Burn Association reports that there are over 1 million burn injuries each year in the United States. Several thousand of those injuries require hospitalization and a significant percentage of those hospitalizations result in the death of the often severely injured victim. Burn injuries are often the result of other kinds of accidents, including motorcycle accidents, car accidents, accidents involving hot water and other types of liquids, defective products, airplane crashes, electric shock, and exposure to fires. When accidents that cause burn injuries occur as a result of another person’s negligence, the injured person is entitled to be compensated for his or her injuries and losses.

Burn injuries can result in scarring, disfigurement, nerve damage, depression, limb loss, and other emotional and physical injuries. Burn injuries are often counted among the most painful kinds of injuries that a person can experience. Severe burn injuries can mean months or even years out of work, or even permanent disability.

A burn is an injury to the flesh, tissue, or skin as a result of fire, electricity, or chemicals.  Victims of burn injuries endure excruciating pain.  Not only are they affected by the initial but are left to deal with the constant medical attention and scarring that is left behind. Treatments such s excision, skin grafts, and physical therapy presents a period of time of pain and discomfort.

The severity of the burn is based on the amount of tissue damage and ranges from first to fourth degree burns. Burns are the second leading cause of accidental deaths.  Attorneys can help assess how much injury was caused, see what is not covered by insurance, and fight for emotional damages that may have been caused. Compensation can cover things such as medical expenses and lost wages.

It is important to contact a chicago auto accident attorney to ensure the responsible parties are held accountable.  

Did Negligence Cause the Accident That Injured You?  To learn if we can be of assistance, please contact us by e-mail or call (312) 641-9200. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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