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Deadly Amtrak Train Accident Involving a in Lemont

An Amtrak train struck a truck, killing a 63-year-old worker in Lemont just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. The man who was struck by the train works for a private company and was surveying the land at the time of the incident, according to the Lemont Fire Department. The worker was pronounced dead on the scene. The victim’s name has not been released. Lemont fire officials said the train tracks cross a gravel road leading to a dead end. Officials said two private companies cross the tracks, but no residents in the rural area use the track crossing. There are no gates in front...

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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit after a Chicago Train Accident

Every year, more than 2,500 train accidents are reported, according to the statistics of the Department of Transportation & the Federal Railroad Administration. The accidents have devastating consequences and in many cases, even lead to death. Trains are big machines with a large mass. Whether it is a commuter train, passenger or freight train, light or heavy rail or rapid transit systems, stopping a train at a moment’s notice is almost impossible. This leads to the inevitable situation that train collisions often lead to catastrophic results without injury and death. Train Accident Claims When dangerous cargo is spilled, train accidents can also harm...

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Chicago Railroad Crossing Attorney

Railroad crossing accidents are more prevalent than many people believe.  The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis found that more than 3,000 collisions between automobiles and trains occur in the United States.  Accidents also occur between pedestrians and trains.  Four crossings in Chicago are at the top of the list where multiple accidents have occurred.  The federal government has ordered 10 states to improve the safety at railroad crossings and Illinois is among those 10. Train accidents can result in serious injuries as well as death.  These accidents are often due to negligence of the employees or train companies. ...

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