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Injury Attorney

Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

Large trucks take part in a high % of automobile accidents & deaths. According to the IIHS, in 2010 over half a million large trucks as well as commercial vehicles were involved in accidents. Those accidents led to over 10,000 severe injuries and over 5,000 deaths. Unfortunately, the trend lines indicate a growing problem. The same data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety from 2009 data indicated only 3,200 deaths, representing a startling forty five percent increase in just one year. The issue is likely to continue to rise as industry insiders confirm that over twenty percent more trucks...

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Keep All Medical Records When Involved In An Accident

Have you been in an accident or injured by medical malpractice? If so, you will need to file a legal claim after the fact. In order to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident or malpractice-- and not a previous medical condition – you will need medical records stating your injuries. In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, your medical records will be key to proving you even have a case. If the third party can dispute your injuries, your case will be lost before it ever gets started. The medical records may even have to be used...

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An auto accident can sometimes be caused simply by hazardous roadways..

Often times, automobile accidents are not the fault of the drivers or their vehicles, but are the fault of the roadway itself. It will take a seasoned Chi town Motorvehicle accident lawyer who understands the best way to look into any sort of accident claim & they evaluate if a hazardous street or road problem triggered or contributed to a car accident that brought on a serious injury or even death. Dangerous Highway Winter Driving Conditions The Personal injury attorneys of your The Horwitz Law Group have effectively represented customers associated with all kinds of car crashes. We by no means automatically...

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Traveling During the Holidays

  AAA has released its 2014 Holiday Travel Forecast and is predicting 98.6 million people will journey more than 50 miles from their home between during this holiday season. This represents a 4 percent increase over 94.8 million in 2013. The increase is most likely due to this year’s unusually low gas prices. According to AAA, 90 percent of those traveling over the Christmas and New Year holiday will be doing so by car. The increase in motorists on the road means an increase in the risks of a car accident. To help reduce your risk of causing an accident, the personal...

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Full and Fair Compensation for Injured Victims

TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY CHICAGO - THE HORWITZ LAW GROUP Large commercial vehicles place everyone on public roadways at risk. Because these trucks and tractor-trailers are slow to stop, difficult to maneuver, and as heavy as 80,000 pounds, they frequently cause serious injuries and fatalities during traffic accidents. In situations where truck accidents could have been prevented, injured victims and families may have the right to recover their damages by filing a personal injury claim. INJURED IN A TRUCK ACCIDENT?  CLICK HERE FOR A FREE CASE EVALUATION At The Horwitz Law group., our Chicago truck accident attorneys are prepared to fight for victims and families...

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Injured in a Car Accident?

Car accidents happen at the most unexpected times and when they do, emotions are very high and injuries can be very severe. There are some important things that must be done at the scene of the accident or as soon as possible afterwards. If you haven’t ever been in an accident, print this up and keep it in your car. If you have just been in an accident, read this before you contact your Insurance Company. Do Not Leave the Scene of an Accident – Ever! Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. You could be charged with hit-and-run. Be...

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Seat Belt Injuries as a result of auto accidents

Seat belts are designed to protect the driver and other passengers in accidents and statistically they do just that.  In some occasions, however, seat belts can cause injury.  The injuries suffered are generally minor but some serious injuries may occur in collisions due to seat belts.  A seat belt is meant to restrain a driver or passenger when a vehicle comes to a sudden stop.  The likelihood of injury depends on the severity of the accident, a seat belt malfunction, manufacturer defect, or wearing the seat belt improperly.  Chest and abdominal abrasions can occur where the seat belt comes in...

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What Happens After an Auto Accident?

Taking the proper steps after an accident has a major impact on the ability to recover compensation for injuries.  The following are some of the things that help strengthen your potential claim: Gather information: Getting contact information from other drivers and witnesses.  These witnesses can give an outside perspective on the accident so the lawyer you hire can contact these witnesses and get statements while the memories are fresh in their minds. Contact the police: This ensures that statements are made at the scene and allows the police to create a report.  The police also can provide emergency assistance and call for...

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Chicago School Bus Accident Attorney

Buses are used nationwide every day to take children to and from school. School buses are also used for other activities such as field trips or transportation to an away game for the school’s team sports.  Usually, buses are a safe method of transportation and is convenient for parents who have no other way to get their children to school. School bus companies and drivers are the parties responsible for ensuring the safety of the children that ride their buses.  Crashes may still occur due to other negligent drivers.  The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration found that an estimated...

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Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Left Turns

 The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of another driver making a left turn and not yielding at an intersection. Due to the small nature of motorcycles, the inability for drivers to see motorcycles is very likely. It is also common for driver’s to ignore motorcyclists while sharing the road.  There are many different reasons that left turn accidents occur.  The most common reasons occur when the driver making the left turn is waived though by another driver or they misjudge the motorcycle’s speed or distance.  Motorcycles can be difficult to spot and it can be exasperated by driver’s...

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