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An auto accident can sometimes be caused simply by hazardous roadways..

Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys > Car Accidents  > An auto accident can sometimes be caused simply by hazardous roadways..

An auto accident can sometimes be caused simply by hazardous roadways..


Often times, automobile accidents are not the fault of the drivers or their vehicles, but are the fault of the roadway itself. It will take a seasoned Chi town Motorvehicle accident lawyer who understands the best way to look into any sort of accident claim & they evaluate if a hazardous street or road problem triggered or contributed to a car accident that brought on a serious injury or even death.

Dangerous Highway Winter Driving Conditions

The Personal injury attorneys of your The Horwitz Law Group have effectively represented customers associated with all kinds of car crashes. We by no means automatically draw conclusions about who or what brought on the crash. We check out the police report &, when necessary, we will retain the services of our investigator or perhaps crash reconstructionist to determine the details from the situation. We can even run our own exams to calculate, for example, the coefficient of pull on a bend within the street that is certainly suspiciously risky. In many cases we discover proof risky or defective streets circumstances, like:

  • Dangerously made or built roads, bridges or intersections
  • Badly maintained highways
  • Failure to correctly manage traffic inside a highway construction area by way of a maintenance of website traffic (MOT) program
  • Inappropriate drainage of highways
  • Too much dirt and waste on the road from street construction
  • Absence of or inadequate guardrails and other freeway components
  • Flawed or badly obvious traffic indications
  • Inadequate signals and signs at intersections & railway crossings.
  • Poor Lighting on streets and highways

Some of our analysis is usually to see whether other, related incidents have happened with the identical spot before. When folks continue being hurt or destroyed from the same position, the roadway, not the motorists, can be responsible.

So How do you Get Answers and Pursue Legal Action?

When you hire us to investigate and handle your case, you rest assured that we will get down to the bottom of the actual issue. We then make your life easier, but simply taking ownership of your case.

If you have been involved in an auto accident because of dangerous roadways in Chicago, please contact us at:

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